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S-2 Span Damage - Supplementary Materials for the Report: Effects of Realistic Heat Straightening Repair on the Properties and Serviceability of Damaged Steel Beam Bridges


Amit H. Varma, Young Moo Sohn


Guidelines for conducting heat straightening repair have been developed by FHWA and many DOTS. The guidelines establish limits for: (a) the maximum damage that can be repaired, (b) the maximum restraining force, and %(c%) the maximum heating temperature to...

Civil Engineering Damaged Steel Beam Bridge Heat straightening repair Joint Transportation Research Program JTRP Multiple heat straightening Overheating Overstraining SPR-3105

Soft Drink Delivery


James D. McGlothlin


Video of Soft Drink Delivery with supporting documentation from Studies performed at NIOSH

Ergonomics Health Sciences Human Factors Nutrition Video Exposure Monitoring

Agricultural Advisors’ Climate Risk Perceptions: 2013 Survey Data


Amber Mase, Cody Knutson, Jean McGuire, Linda S. Prokopy, Lois Morton, Maria Lemos, Melissa J. Widhalm, Stuart Carlton, Tonya Haigh


Agricultural advisors in four Midwestern states (Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Nebraska) were surveyed (via email) in February 2013 about their climate risk perceptions, climate change beliefs, and willingness to use climate information. This survey was a f...

Advisors Agriculture Climate Change Corn Belt Midwest Social Science Survey

MCD: Matlab programs for computing the Macdonald function for complex orders


Walter Gautschi


The use of Gaussian quadrature formulae is explored for the computation of the Macdonald function (modified Bessel function) of complex orders and positive arguments. It is shown that for arguments larger than one, Gaussian quadrature applied to the integr...

complex order Computer Science FORTRAN Gauss quadrature approximation Macdonald function Mathematics Matlab software modified Bessel function Quadrature and cubature formulas Software source code Walter Gautschi Archives

OWF: Matlab programs for computing orthogonal polynomials with respect to densely oscillating and exponentially decaying weight functions


Walter Gautschi


Software (in Matlab) is developed for computing variable-precision recurrence coefficients for orthogonal polynomials with respect to the weight functions 1 + sin(1/t), 1 + cos(1/t), e^-1/t} on [0,1], as well as e^-1/t-t} on [0, infinity] and e^-1/t^2 - t^...

Computer Science Densely oscillating weight functions Exponentially decaying weight functions Gaussian quadrature Mathematics Matlab Orthogonal polynomials Walter Gautschi Archives

CHA: Matlab programs for computing a challenging integral


Walter Gautschi


Standard numerical analysis tools, combined with elementary calculus, are deployed to evaluate a densely and wildly oscillatory integral that had been proposed as a computational problem in the''SIAM 100-Digit Challenge''. Numerical results...

Computer Science FORTRAN Gauss quadrature approximation Jacobi weight functions Mathematics Matlab Numerical Evaluation Orthogonal polynomials Oscillatory integrals Software source code Walter Gautschi Archives

BIJ: Matlab programs for testing and extending Bernstein's Inequality for Jacobi polynomials


Walter Gautschi


Bernstein’s inequality for Jacobi polynomials with parameters alpha, beta is analyzed here analytically and, above all, computationally with regard to validity and sharpness. Computation suggests that the inequality holds with new, somewhat larger, constan...

Bernstein’s inequality Computer Science Erdelyi–Magnus–Nevai conjecture Jacobi polynomials Mathematics Matlab Orthogonal polynomials Sharpness Software source code Walter Gautschi Archives

CIZJP: Matlab programs for conjectured inequalities for zeros of Jacobi polynomials


Walter Gautschi


Inequalities for the largest zero of Jacobi polynomials, conjectured recently by us and in joint work with P. Leopardi, are here extended to all zeros of Jacobi polynomials, and new relevant conjectures are formulated based on extensive computation.

Computer Science Gauss quadrature approximation Inequalities Jacobi polynomials Mathematics Matlab Orthogonal polynomials Walter Gautschi Archives zeros

GQLOG: Matlab routines for computing Gauss Quadrature rules with logarithmic weight functions


Walter Gautschi


By means of the Matlab symbolic/variable-precision facilities, routines are developed that generate an arbitrary number of recurrence coefficients to any given precision for polynomials orthogonal with respect to weight functions of Laguerre and Jacobi typ...

Computer Science Gaussian quadrature Jacobi weight functions Logarithmic weight functions Mathematics Matlab Modified Chebyshev algorithm Orthogonal polynomials Software source code Variable-precision arithmetic Walter Gautschi Archives

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