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Seasonal variation in abundance and diversity of eavesdropping frogā€biting midges (Diptera, Corethrellidae) in a neotropical rainforest


Henry D Legett, Viktor Baranov, Ximena E Bernal


In the tropics, precipitation patterns result in seasonal fluctuations in the abundance and distribution of plant and animal species. Tropical predators and parasites are therefore faced with seasonal changes in prey and host availability. This study inves...

Synchronized mating signals in a communication network: the challenge of avoiding predators while attracting mates


Henry Legett, Rachel A Page, Ximena E Bernal


Conspicuous mating signals attract mates but also expose signallers to predators and parasites. Signal evolution, therefore, is driven by conflicting selective pressures from multiple receivers, both target and non-target. Synchronization of mating signals...

Prey exploits the auditory illusions of eavesdropping predators


Claire T Hemingway, Henry D Legett, Ximena E Bernal


Mating signals have evolved to attract target receivers, even to the point of exploiting receivers through perceptual manipulation. Signals, however, can also expose signalers to nontarget receivers, including predators and parasites, and thus have also ev...

Traffic noise differentially impacts call types in a Japanese treefrog (Buergeria japonica)


Henry Legett, Ikkyu Aihara, Ryan P. Madden, Ximena E Bernal


Acoustic noise from automobile traffic impedes communication between signaling animals. To overcome the acoustic interference imposed by anthropogenic noise, species across taxa adjust their signaling behavior to increase signal saliency. As most of the sp...

Anuran predators overcome visual illusion: dazzle coloration does not protect moving prey


Geena M Darnell, Sara Zlotnik, Ximena E Bernal


Predators everywhere impose strong selection pressures on the morphology and behavior of their prey, but the resulting antipredator adaptations vary greatly among species. Studies of adaptive coloration in prey species have generally focused on cryptic or...

Laryngeal demasculinization in wild Cane Toads varies with land use


Marcos Gridi-Papp, Sara Zlotnik, Ximena E Bernal


Anthropogenic factors, including the spread of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, have been linked to alterations in the reproductive physiology, morphology, and behavior of wildlife. Few studies of endocrine disruption, however, focus on secondary sexual tra...

Signal synchrony and alternation among neighbor males in a Japanese Stream Breeding Treefrog, Buergeria japonica


Henry D Legett, Ikkyu Aihara, Ximena E Bernal


Animals that aggregate in leks to attract mates often time the production of their mating signals against the signals of neighboring conspecifics. Such signal timing usually falls into general patterns within these aggregations, which can be categorized ba...

Arequipa Climate Maps - Yearly, Monthly and Daily


Andre Geraldo Moraes, Carlos Zeballos Velarde, Keith A Cherkauer, Laura C Bowling


Climate is a powerful driver of agricultural and natural systems, and spatial climate data sets in digital form are currently in great demand. This is especially true in the Arequipa department of Peru, a region with low seasonal precipitation, significant...

Ear Photometry Ear photometry in maize testcrosses Genomic Prediction Grain Yield Maize Multi-Trait Genomic Prediction Single-Trait Genomic Prediction Temperate Germplasm Tropical Germplasm Yield components

Data for: Relative acute toxicity of three per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances on nine species of larval amphibians


Brian Tornabene, Jason T. Hoverman, Maria Sepulveda, Megan Gannon, Michael Chislock


Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are widespread, persistent environmental pollutants known to elicit a wide range of negative effects on wildlife species. There is scarce information regarding the toxicity of PFAS on amphibians, but amphibians ma...

Animal Model Dependent Response to Pentagalloyl Glucose in Murine Abdominal Aortic Injury


Craig Goergen, Elizabeth Niedert, Ender Finol, Jennifer Anderson, Renxiang Tang, Riley Holloway, Sourav Patnaik, Vangelina Osteguin


Abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs) are a local dilation of the aorta and are associated with significant mortality due to rupture and treatment complications. There is a need for less invasive treatments to prevent aneurysm growth and rupture. In this study...

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