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Groundwater chemistry within Arequipa, Peru in the Characato, Chiguata, and Lagunas Salinas study areas


Elizabeth Olson, Lisa R. Welp, Marty D. Frisbee, Odiney Alvarez Campos


Data supplement for "Evidence for high-elevation salar recharge and interbasin groundwater flow in the Western Cordillera of the Peruvian Andes" accepted to Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. This project contains groundwater chemistry and field observat...

Andes Arequipa Arequipa Nexus Institute Chemistry EAPS Groundwater Peru recharge salar stable isotopes

Stability of dhurrin and HCN release in dried sorghum samples


Keith Johnson, Mitchell R Tuinstra, Shelby M Gruss


Sorghum contains the cyanogenic glucoside dhurrin. The hydrolysis of dhurrin leads to the release of HCN, which can be toxic to livestock feeding on sorghum. Management strategies include the utilization of sorghum as hay. The hay making process has been r...

Agronomy dhurrin Forage quality Sorghum

Calibration Data Set for Damage Mechanics Challenge on Brittle-Ductile Material


Antonio Bobet, Hongkyu Yoon, Joseph Morris, Laura J Pyrak-Nolte, Liyang Jiang


The reliability and sustainability of civil infrastructure, the human body and the Earth's subsurface all depend on our ability to monitor existing and evolving damage. Damage is a key mode of failure of civil infrastructure, components of the human bo...

3D printed material Benchmark Data Sets Civil Engineering Fracture Geometry Fractures Geomechanics Rock Mechanics

Data for Monitoring Fracture Saturation with Internal Transportable Seismic Sources and Twin Neural Networks


David D. Nolte, Laura J Pyrak-Nolte


Seismic coda-wave analysis is a well-developed method for detecting subtle physical changes in complex media by measuring arrival times in the late-arriving energy from multiply-scattered or reflected waves. However, a challenge arises when multiply-scatte...

Acoustic Emissions and Fractures Chattering Dust Fractures Machine Learning and Geophysical Signals Physics Twin Neural Network Wave Propagation in Fractured Media

Regional variation in insecticide susceptibility in odorous house ants, Tapinoma sessile.


Grzegorz Buczkowski


A laboratory study was conducted to test the toxicity of three insecticides, Demand, Alpine, and Termidor, against workers and queens of odorous house ants, Tapinoma sessile using residual exposure assays. Mortality was examined in workers collected in nat...

Entomology insecticide screening Insecticides resistance tests

Competitive Interactions Between Two Non-Native Species (Alliaria petiolata and Hesperis matronalis) and a Native Species (Ageratina altissima)


Jordan M Marshall, Kassandra Paulus


Alliaria petiolata and Hesperis matronalis are wide-ranging non-native species in North America. Ageratina altissima is native to North America but has become a concern as an invasive species in Asia. A replacement series experiment was established to quan...

Biology competition dames rocket garlic mustard Invasive plants replacement series white snakeroot

Multifront Approach for Improving Navigation of Autonomous and Connected Trucks


Amir Kazemi, Aravind Ramakrishnan, Ashraf Alrajhi, Egemen Okte, Hadi Meidani, Hasan Ozer, Imad L. Al-Qadi , Jeffery R. Roesler, Rui Feng She, Sachindra Dahal, Yanfeng Ouyang


The project “Multifront Approach for Improving Navigation of Autonomous and Connected Trucks" have four different blocks.  •    Block I: Real-Time Optimization         -Includes traffic flow data  •    Block II: Road Network Optimization of ACT Platoo...

asphalt pavement autonomous and connected vehicles Network Optimization Passive Sensing Platooning Truck platooning

Stormslam survey results


Loran Carleton Parker, Robin Lynn Tanamachi


During the COVID-19 pandemic, educators have faced a shift to remote or hybrid instruction in large courses and the diminished engagement of students resulting from that shift. In this study, a no-cost online game (Stormslam) was used as an engagement tool...

EAPS Meteorology Teaching and learning

X-ray radiography datasets for tomographic reconstruction of liquid jet breakup dynamics


Naveed Al Hasib Rahman


Impinging jet sprays are commonly used as the means for fuel delivery in liquid rocket engines. Accurate knowledge of the liquid mass distribution, particularly in the optically complex near-field, can allow for improved modeling of this fuel delivery proc...

high-speed imaging impinging jet spray liquid mass distribution Mechanical Engineering synchrotron tomography X-ray radiography X-ray tube source

Edge spin transport in disordered WTe2 two-dimensional topological insulator


Jukka Vayrynen, Justin Matthew Copenhaver


Code and data to study charge and spin transport in disordered WTe2 systems. The .ipynb and .py files utilize the Kwant library for Python to build a tight-binding model of WTe2 and study its transport properties. The .csv files in /plot_data contain the c...

disorder Physics spin transport topological insulator WTe2

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