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Data for growing season nitrous oxide emissions from a Gray Luvisol as a function of long-term fertilization history and crop rotation


Dick Puurveen, Mekonnen Giweta, Miles Dyck, Sukdhev S. Malhi, Sylvie Quideau


A field study conducted over five growing seasons (2013-2017) assessed the effect of long-term fertilization history and crop rotation on growing season nitrous oxide (N2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, wheat yield, wheat N uptake, N2O emission inten...

4R Agronomy IPNI Nitrous Oxide Soil Emissions Soil Fertility

Evaluation of nitrogen stabilizers - nitrogen use efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta cereal crops


Dick Puurveen, Len Kryzanowski, Miles Dyck, Yuanpei Gao


The objective of this research was to compare the performance of conventional urea to enhanced efficiency fertilizers (ESN, eNtrench-treated urea and SuperU), banded in the fall or sping, with respect to wheat yields (at 0, 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 times the recom...

4R Agronomy IPNI Nitrogen Fertilizer Nitrous Oxide Soil Emissions

Geospatial Image Data for Sorghum Phenotyping


Ayman F Habib, Ed Delp, Keith A Cherkauer, Larry L. Biehl, Melba M Crawford, Mitchell Tuinstra


There is an urgent need to accelerate energy crop development for the production of renewable transportation fuels from biomass. Greater knowledge of factors that influence crop growth and development is required to improve the breeding development pipelin...

Agronomy hyperspectral Phenotyping Remote Sensing Sorghum UAS

Uniform Soybean Tests Northern Region 2018


Gary Nowling, Guohong Cai


The Uniform Soybean Tests, Northern Region, have been in place since 1941. The tests evaluate yield, disease resistance, and quality traits of public breeding lines from northern states of the U.S. and Canadian provinces. The purpose of The Uniform Soybean...

Agriculture Agronomy Botany Crop Science Soybeans USDA-ARS

Application of Open Path Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (OP-FTIR) to Measure Greenhouse Gas Concentrations from Agricultural Fields


Albert Heber, Cheng-Hsien Lin, Cliff Johnston, Richard Grant


Open-path Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (OP-FTIR) has often been used to measure hazardous or trace gases from ‘hot’ point sources (e.g., volcano, industrial or agricultural facilities) but seldom used to measure greenhouse gases (GHGs) from fiel...

Agronomy Atmospheric measurements CO2 Corn Greenhouse gases N2O Open-path FTIR spectroscopy Quality Assurance Quality Control

Potential Suitability for Subirrigation in the U.S. Midwest


Benjamin Reinhart, Feng Yu, Jane Frankenberger, Jason Ackerson


Subirrigation is the application of irrigation water below the ground surface to raise the water table to within or near the root zone. In areas with subsurface tile drainage, the same drains that remove excess water during wet periods can be used to provi...

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Agriculture Agronomy Drainage Geographic Information Systems (GIS) gSSURGO Irrigation Midwest Subirrigation Water Water Management

Busia Soil Class Map


Darrell Schulze, Joshua Minai


The soil landscape rule-based model was used to disaggregate the soil map units by exploiting information in the Busia soil map legend and the map unit descriptions. These descriptions were used to generate rules that were applied to a fuzzy soil class map...

Agronomy Busia Area Digital Soil Mapping Disaggregate K-Means Clustering Kenya Multiresolution Ridgetop Flatness Multiresolution Valley Bottom Flatness Planform Curvature Profile Curvature Topographic Position Index

Busia Crop Suitability Maps


Darrell Schulze, Joshua Minai


To determine specific crop suitability ratings for Busia area, decision matrices developed by Rachilo and Michieka (1991) were used to generate crop suitability classes for each soil map unit. Land suitability is the fitness of a given tract of land for a...

Agronomy Beans Busia Area Cabbage Cassava Coffee Corn Cotton Crop Suitability Map Decision Matrix Forage Crops Grazing Guavas Kale Kenya Land Suitability Map Unit Millets Onions Peanuts Rice Sorghum Sugarcane Sunflower Tomato

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