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Characterization of Local Geometry of Protein Surfaces with the Visibility Criteria


Bin Li, Daisuke Kihara, Manish Agrawal, Srinivasan Turuvekere


Experimentally determined protein tertiary structures are rapidly accumulating in a database, partly due to the structural genomics projects. Included are proteins of unknown function, whose function has not been investigated by experiments and was not abl...

Argininosuccinate Synthase Binding Sites Biochemistry Bioinformatics Computer Simulation Molecular Biosciences Protein Structure Sensitivity and Specificity Tertiary Tetrahydrofolate Dehydrogenase/chemistry

Reliable Vehicle to Vehicle Communication Networks: Applications in Fuel-Efficient Platooning


Paul Richardson, Paul Watta, Sridhar Lakshmanan, Timothy Kleinow


A dataset consisting of testing and simulation data used to develop our models and understanding. Includes field-testing data for loops performed around a singular obstacle and through an urban canyon at selected transmission powers, taking into account 40...

Antennas Autonomy ccat Collision Avoidance Computer Simulation connected vehicles CV2X DSRC Error Prevention GPS Logistic Regression model intercomparison Modeling Non-Line-Of-Sight Platooning Radio Communications Radio-Frequency Statistical analysis testing

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