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Contour-based detection and quantification of tar spot stromata using RGB images of maize leaves


Andres P. Cruz, Brenden Lane, Carlos Gongora-Canul, Christian D. Cruz, Da-Young Lee, Darcy E. P. Telenko, Dong-Yeop Na, Edward J. Delp, Nathan M. Kleczewski, Sriram Baireddy


Quantifying tar spot of corn intensity has traditionally been conducted by human raters through visual-based estimations. However, this traditional method is costly in terms of time and labor and prone to rater subjectivity. Furthermore, an objective, accu...

Botany and Plant Pathology contour analysis image maize RGB imagery plant disease intensity RGB image dataset stromata detection and quantification

Strother & Bennett - Racial Group Affect and Support for Civil Liberties


Daniel Bennett, Logan R Strother


Civil liberties are a linchpin of liberal democracy, and are central to the practice and discourse of American politics. However, there is little research exploring whether or to what extent group attitudes influence public opinion on constitutionally guar...

civil liberties Political Science public opinion Race tolerance

Audio files and raw data for Perceptually Robust English Sentence Test - Revised (PRESTO-R).


Andrea Plotkowski, Joshua M Alexander


Test material comes from the PRESTO (Perceptually Robust English Sentence Test Open-set; Gilbert et al. 2013), a high variability test containing multiple speakers with a variety of dialects.  PRESTO contains 20 lists, with 18 sentences in each (9 male and...

acoustic communication adverse hearing conditions hearing aids Speech Language and Hearing Sciences speech recognition

s-sh Confusion Test Audio Files


Joshua M Alexander


Sixty-six minimal pair /s/ and /ʃ/ words were selected, including proper nouns (e.g. Sam to contrast with sham). Forty-five of these pairs had /s/-/ʃ/ in the initial position, eighteen in the final position, and three in the medial position. Six female tal...

acoustic communication hearing aids sound Speech Language and Hearing Sciences speech perception

Rice imputation files: reference panel and recombination map


Diane Ran Wang, Dmytro Chebotarov, Francisco Agosto-Perez, Jonathan Marchini, Kenneth McNally, Melissa Fitzgerald, Nickolai Alexandrov, Susan McCouch, Yuxin Shi


This dataset contains files required for imputation of rice genomes using IMPUTE-2 software. These files were originally packaged within the Rice Imputation Server, a web-based platform developed by Wang et al. (2018). The Rice Imputation Server has since...

Agronomy Genetic Diversity Genomics imputation reference panel Rice

Invariant Signatures of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Objects in Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)-based Building Information Modeling


Jiansong Zhang, Jin Wu


The invariant signature of an architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) object is defined as "a set of intrinsic properties of the object that distinguish it from others and that do not change with data schema, software implementation, modeling dec...

Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) Objects Building Construction Management Building Information Modelling (BIM) Construction Construction Engineering and Management Construction Management Technology Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)

Failure pattern around the borehole in elastic and strength anisotropic rock formations


Douglas R Schmitt, Wei Li, Wenjing Wang


This is a Matlab-based program to calculate the failure pattern around the wellbore in elastic and strength anisotropic rock formations under more general cases: (1) generalizing in-situ stress tensor without assuming the vertical stress is one of the prin...

anisotropy EAPS failure pattern Matlab single plane of weakness wellbore stability analysis

Cyclic Voltammetry analysis of catalyst degradation modes in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells


Navneet Goswami, Partha Mukherjee


The major source of inefficiency in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells (PEFCs) is the sluggish nature of the Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) at the cathode catalyst layer, which is typically boosted by using Platinum catalysts, However, the nanometer-sized cat...

catalyst degradation electrocatalysis electrochemistry Matlab Mechanical Engineering polymer electrolyte fuel cells simulation modelling

Implementing IPM: effects on pests, pollinators, and crop yield


Ian Kaplan, Jacob Pecenka


Environmental damage from insecticide overuse is a major concern, particularly for conservation of “good” insects such as pollinators that ensure stable production of food crops like fruits and vegetables. However, insecticides are also necessary for farme...

agroecosystems Bees Corn Crop yield Entomology Environmental Issues Insecticides Melons pesticides pollinators

DRSP-Sim: A Simulator for Ride-sharing with Pooling: Joint Matching,Pricing, Route Planning, and Dispatching


Bharat Bhargava, Marina Haliem, Vaneet Aggarwal


This is NYC taxi trip records used as the real-world dataset for the comprehensive ride-sharing simulation available at: We use 2016-05 trips for training and 2016-06 trips for evaluation. To...

Computer Science Deep Q-Network Deep Reinforcement Learning ridesharing Route Planning shared mobility Vehicle Dispatching Vehicle Routing

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