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Freeze tolerance among tropical tree Acacia koa populations from different elevations


Douglass F Jacobs, Keith E Woeste, Lilian M. Ayala-Jacobo


Koa (Acacia koa A. Gray) is a charismatic tree species endemic to Hawaii that plays an important role, socioeconomically, culturally and ecologically in the Hawaiian Islands. Koa forests in Hawaii have been heavily depleted and degraded due to harvesting a...

cold acclimation cold tolerance Electrolyte leakage elevational gradient forest restoration Forestry and Natural Resources freeze hardiness frost damage

Data for: Timing and order of exposure to two echinostome species affect patterns of infection in larval amphibians


Jason T. Hoverman, Logan Scott Billet


The study of priority effects with respect to coinfections is still in its infancy. Moreover, existing coinfection studies typically focus on infection outcomes associated with exposure to distinct sets of parasite species, despite that functionally and mo...

amphibians Echinostomatidae Forestry and Natural Resources metacercariae Priority effects

2020 Purdue FNR Ecological Sensors Class Air Quality Data


Amanda N. Heltzel, Aziz Ebrahimi, Benjamin Rivera, Brandon M. Sosa, Calen Cunningham, David Savage, Grace Walker, Jacob Daniel Hosen, Joseph Hale, Kimberly Gulbranson, Molly Barrett, Seth Williams, Sylvia Park, Taylor Hayes


These data are the results of a class project studying air quality. Students in the Purdue Forestry class Ecological Sensors & Data (FNR49800-042). met in Spring 2020. During the spring semester, the COVID-19 lockdown forced students to return home. Studen...

air pressure Forestry and Natural Resources indoor air quality outdoor air quality particulate air quality Teaching and learning Temperature VOCs

Data for: Relative acute toxicity of three per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances on nine species of larval amphibians


Brian Tornabene, Jason T. Hoverman, Maria Sepulveda, Megan Gannon, Michael Chislock


Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are widespread, persistent environmental pollutants known to elicit a wide range of negative effects on wildlife species. There is scarce information regarding the toxicity of PFAS on amphibians, but amphibians ma...

anurans Ecological risk assessment Forestry and Natural Resources frogs LC50 PFAS salamanders toads

NSF SW Project Empirical Data


Colin D. Bell


Data for June 2011 - September 2013 describing flow, precipitation and water quality in four urban streams in Charlotte, North Carolina. Four sites are: EB1 (aka UL1), MC1 (aka UP1), WP1 (aka SP1) and WL1 (aka SL1). Water quality describes dissolved...

Forestry and Natural Resources mitigation factor stormwater control measures urban hydrology

Dramatic adaptive response of life history trait to reduced commercial harvest in a freshwater fish


Carey Knight, Jeffrey Tyson, Michael Thomas, Stephen Chong, Thomas Lauer, Tomas Hook, Zachary S Feiner


Fisheries-induced evolution of exploited fish stocks toward maturation at smaller sizes and younger ages has been postulated to reduce stock productivity and depress the recovery of stocks after collapse.  Moreover, evidence from empirical and modeling res...

Ecology Evolution Fisheries Forestry and Natural Resources Life History Yellow Perch

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