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Purdue University Buildings Demolition, Construction Images, June 2016, MATH Building Camera


Alexander M. Hainen, Andrew Sydelko, Darcy M. Bullock, David Burford, Michael Witt


Purdue's campus landscape continues to change with the construction of new buildings and the remodel of old buildings. In 2012 the Engineering Administration Building (ENAD) and the iconic Heat and Power Plant-North (HPN) were targeted for demoliti...

Environmental and Ecological Engineering Industrial Water Use Semiconductor Water Water Footprint Water Scarcity Water Withdrawals Water-Energy Nexus

Biological, chemical and flow characteristics of five river sampling sites in the Wabash River watershed near Lafayette, Indiana – 2014.


Megan Haas, Ronald F. Turco, Jr., Sara Peel


This dataset includes water quality data collected from five sites located in the Lafayette area watershed in 2014. Two of the sites are located upstream and downstream of Lafayette on the Wabash River. The other three sites are located on Little Pine Cree...

Agriculture Water

Meixner-Pollaczek polynomials


Walter Gautschi


A Matlab variable-precision routine is provided for generating the first N recurrence coefficients of Meixner-Pollaczek polynomials orthogonal relative to the weight function w(x)=(1/(2*π))*exp((2*φ-π)*x)*|Γ(λ+i*x)|^2 on [-Inf,Inf], λ > 0, 0 < φ < π.

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Agriculture Agronomy Drainage Geographic Information Systems (GIS) gSSURGO Irrigation Midwest Subirrigation Water Water Management

Uniform Soybean Tests Northern Region 2013


Teresa J. Hughes, Wad D. Crochet


The Uniform Soybean Tests, Northern Region, have been in place since 1941. The tests evaluate yield, disease resistance, and quality traits of public breeding lines from northern states of the U.S. and Canadian provinces. The purpose of The Uniform Soybean...

Agriculture Conservation Erosion Oklahoma rainfall Soil Science Water Watershed

Gauss quadrature and Christoffel function for generalized Binet weight functions


Walter Gautschi


MATLAB software is provided for generating to any given accuracy n-point Gauss quadrature rules, n ≥ 1, relative to  generalized Binet weight functions as well as approximations and respective errors for the  quadrature weights and for the Christoffel func...

EAPS hydration hydroxyl Moon Water

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