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Density of ZFBS-Morph overlaps in the build hg19 of the human genome


Minou Bina, Phillip J. Wyss, Xiaohui Carol Song


Genomic imprinting results in the expression of a subset of genes from either the maternal or paternal allele.  This process is regulated by Imprinting Control Regions (ICRs), dispersed along the mammalian autosomal chromosomes.  The ICRs often encompass a...

Motion Predicates: Moving Along. A tool for the analysis of the sub-eventive structure in motion predicates.


Elena E. Benedicto


Motion Predicates: Moving Along is an application that can be run in both (Windows system) PC and (OS X) Mac computers. It was created at the Envision Center at Purdue University. It is designed to elicit linguistic productions about motion predicates that...

Reducing Nitrous Oxide Emissions with Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizers in Wheat Production in Manitoba, Canada


Mario Tenuta, Matthew Wood, Xiaopeng Gao


This project summarizes data from six site-years for a field study in Manitoba, with the aim of quantifying and comparing the application time (fall, spring) and source (EEF, non-EEF) effects on cumulative N2O emissions and agronomic measurements of Canadi...

Phenotyping Root Phenotyping Western Corn Rootworm

The Movement-Image: Bergsonian Lessons on Cinema: Lecture 12, 09 March 1982


Gilles Deleuze


The Deleuze Seminars is a collection of audio recordings, transcriptions, and English translations of, and supplemental materials from, the lectures French philosopher Gilles Deleuze gave during his career at the University of Paris 8. “The Movement-Ima...

acoustic communication anthropogenic noise biological sciences Buergeria japonica frogs Noise noise pollution road effects

Uniform Soybean Tests Northern Region 2014


David H. Schlueter, Steve R. Scofield


The Uniform Soybean Tests, Northern Region, have been in place since 1941. The tests evaluate yield, disease resistance, and quality traits of public breeding lines from northern states of the U.S. and Canadian provinces. The purpose of The Uniform Soybean...

In vitro Volumetric Particle Velocimetry, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and in vivo 4D Flow MRI Hemodynamic Data in Two Patient-Specific Cerebral Aneurysms


Benjamin Dickerhoff, David Saloner, Melissa Brindise, Michael Markl, Pavlos Vlachos, Sean Rothenberger, Susanne Schnell, Vitaliy Rayz


The data provided in this publication was used to evaluate parameters including wall shear stress (WSS), oscillatory shear index (OSI), and relative residence times (RRT) across multiple modalities and two patient-specific aneurysm geometries. Specifically...


In-situ TEM Compression Pillar Test video for Fe-9%Cr ODS alloy and nanocrystalline Cu-24%Ta


Haozheng Qu, Janelle Wharry, Kayla Yano, Matthew Swenson, Priyam Vivek Patki


The first video for as-received Fe-9%Cr ODS alloy shows strain burst corresponding to load drops during deformation. The second video for 1 dpa, 500°C proton irradiated Cu-24%Ta alloy shows two-step grain boundary sliding corresponding to load drops at a t...

Pedestrian-Vehicle Interactions

A Multi-state Model of the CaMKII Holoenzyme using MCell 3.3


Matthew C Pharris, Tamara L Kinzer-Ursem


In the hippocampus, the dynamic fluctuation in size and strength of neuronal connections is thought to underlie learning and memory processes. These fluctuations, called synaptic plasticity, are in-part regulated by the protein calcium/calmodulin-dependent...

Mutations in sorghum SBEIIb and SSIIa affect alkali spreading value, starch composition, thermal properties and flour viscosity


Adedayo Adeyanju, Bhavesh Patel, Bruce A. Craig, Charles Addo-Quaye, Clifford Weil, Mitchell Tuinstra, Osvaldo H. Campanella, Richard Westerman, Stefanie Griebel, Suzanne M. Cunningham


Sorghum is an important food crop for millions of people in Africa and Asia. Whole genome re-sequencing of sorghum EMS mutants exhibiting an alkali spreading value (ASV) phenotype revealed candidate SNPs in Sobic.004G163700 and Sobic.010G093400. Comparativ...

airborne particles Chemistry EAPS environmental nanoplastics urban emissions

Spatial patterns of discovery points and invasion hotspots of non-native forest pests


Andrew M. Liebhold, Samuel F. Ward, Songlin Fei


The locations of first detection and county-level occurrence for 101 major non-native pests (n = 84 insects, 17 pathogens) of trees were compiled for the contiguous USA. Data were originally collected for the Alien Forest Pest Explorer database.1 Briefly,...

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