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Density of ZFBS-Morph overlaps in the build hg19 of the human genome


Minou Bina, Phillip J. Wyss, Xiaohui Carol Song


Genomic imprinting results in the expression of a subset of genes from either the maternal or paternal allele.  This process is regulated by Imprinting Control Regions (ICRs), dispersed along the mammalian autosomal chromosomes.  The ICRs often encompass a...

Chemistry Codes in Human DNA Gene Regulation Genomic imprinting Genomics Germline DMRs Human Genome ICRs MLL ZFP57

Reducing Nitrous Oxide Emissions with Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizers in Wheat Production in Manitoba, Canada


Mario Tenuta, Matthew Wood, Xiaopeng Gao


This project summarizes data from six site-years for a field study in Manitoba, with the aim of quantifying and comparing the application time (fall, spring) and source (EEF, non-EEF) effects on cumulative N2O emissions and agronomic measurements of Canadi...

4R 4R Nutrient Management Agronomy Canada Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers Fall Application Hard Red Spring Wheat IPNI Manitoba N Timing N2O emission Nitrogen Fertilizer Nitrogen Use Efficiency Nitrous Oxide

Motion Predicates: Moving Along. A tool for the analysis of the sub-eventive structure in motion predicates.


Elena E. Benedicto


Motion Predicates: Moving Along is an application that can be run in both (Windows system) PC and (OS X) Mac computers. It was created at the Envision Center at Purdue University. It is designed to elicit linguistic productions about motion predicates that...

English Linguistics Motion Predicates Serial Verb Constructions syntactic representation of sub-eventive predicate structure syntax-morphology

The Movement-Image: Bergsonian Lessons on Cinema: Lecture 12, 09 March 1982


Gilles Deleuze


The Deleuze Seminars is a collection of audio recordings, transcriptions, and English translations of, and supplemental materials from, the lectures French philosopher Gilles Deleuze gave during his career at the University of Paris 8. “The Movement-Ima...

20th Century French Philosophy Audio Recording Charles Sanders Peirce Deleuze Recordings Deleuze Seminars Film Studies (Motion Pictures) Gilles Deleuze Jean-Luc Godard Joris Ivens Maine de Biran Maurice Merleau-Ponty Phenomenology Philosophy Plato Semiotics Sergei Eisenstein

Combine Kart Truck GPS Data Archive


James Krogmeier, Yaguang Zhang


Global Positioning System (GPS) logs during key agricultural operations are crucial for digital agriculture. From them, a massive amount of logistics information could be extracted for aiding farmers in decision making and operation performance improvement...

Activity Recognition Agriculture Digital Agriculture Electrical and Computer Engineering Field Shape GPS Harvest Matlab Traceability Wheat

Responses of dominant tree-mycorrhizal associations to anthropogenic impacts in the USA


Insu Jo, Songlin Fei


Plant-fungal symbioses play critical roles in vegetation dynamics and nutrient cycling.  Here, we used forest inventory data consisting of three million trees to develop a spatially-resolved mycorrhizal tree map of the continental USA and understand the im...

Climate Change Forest Forestry and Natural Resources Mycorrhizal Nutrient cycling

T1-weighted brain atlas for adolescent collision-sport athletes in Purdue Neurotrauma Group longitudinal database


Ho-Ching Yang, Joseph V Rispoli, Thomas M Talavage, Wenbin Zhu, Yukai Zou


We created a population-specific brain atlas that targets adolescent collision-sport (American football, soccer) athletes, based on the T1-weighted magnetic resonance (MR) images from the longitudinal database of Purdue Neurotrauma Group. The atlas was dev...

Adolescents Atlasing Biomedical Engineering Brain Informatics Morphometrics MRI Neuroscience Spatial Normalization Spatial Warping Statistical Methods Trauma Workflow

Python Programming Exercise With Specimen Data for Two Snakes


Michael Witt, Olof Olsson, Sean P. Brophy


The Engineering in the World of Data Learning Community at Purdue University partnered with the Columbian Park Zoo on a co-curricular, educational program called Python With Pythons in January 2019. Zoo educators introduced two snakes to our 53 first-year...

Acrantophis dumerili Library Science Programming Python Python regius Reptiles Teaching and learning

Shape-from-Echoes: MAGMA Code V1


Gregor Kemper


These two files are MAGMA code. This code was used to prove that the shape of a room can be reconstructed from the first order echoes acquired by 4 microphones on a drone.   The file "echoes_ASO3.txt" is a MAGMA script that verifies the theorems of the...

Commutative Algebra Distance Geometry Electrical and Computer Engineering Groebner Basis MAGMA Code Signal Processing

Global Semiconductor Manufacturing Water Withdrawals


Inez Hua, Kali D Frost


The purpose of this dataset and map is to provide an interactive application for viewing water withdrawals by the global semiconductor industry.  This map displays Tier 1 direct manufacturing water use (fab feedwater) and Tier 2 electricity related water w...

Environmental and Ecological Engineering Industrial Water Use Semiconductor Water Water Footprint Water Scarcity Water Withdrawals Water-Energy Nexus

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