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Supplemental Material for Systematic Reviews on Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) Topics: A Look At Reporting Practices


Jane Yatcilla, 0000-0003-0660-4983, Kelly Weigand, 0000-0002-7263-8762


These files are supplemental material for the manuscript "Systematic Reviews on HAI Topics: A Look at Reporting Practices" by Jane Kinkus Yatcilla and Kelly Weigand, which is available at

evidence synthesis human-animal bond human-animal interaction Meta-analysis systematic review

Weathered Agent-Based Model of Microglia-Plaque Interactions


Catherine Weathered, 0000-0002-4406-3957, Elsje Pienaar


Model code from "Microglia Roles in Alzheimer’s Disease: An Agent-Based Model to Elucidate Microglial Spatiotemporal Response to Beta-Amyloid"

agent based model Alzheimer's Disease Biomedical Engineering microglia model

Water vapor stable isotope memory effects of common tubing materials


Alexandra Meyer, 0000-0002-6006-0588, Lisa Welp-Smith, 0000-0001-7125-0478


Attenuation times were quantified during laboratory experiments testing the water vapor isotopic memory of a few common air intake tubing materials (PFA, FEP, PTFE, HDPE, and copper) at two different temperatures.

carryover deuterium excess EAPS isotopic Los Gatos memory effect water isotopes Water Vapor

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