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Wheat spike blast image classification using deep convolutional neural networks


Carlos Gongora, Christian D Cruz, Darcy Telenko, Jian Jin, Mariela Fernandez-Campos, Mohammad Jahanshahi, Tao Wang, Yuting Huang


-Wheat blast is a threat to global wheat production, and limited blast-resistant cultivars are available. Current estimations of wheat spike blast severity rely on human assessments, but this technique can have limitations. -Reliable visual disease esti...

Blast Botany and Plant Pathology CNN deep learning disease Magnaporthe oryzae plant disease phenotyping Plant phenotyping Python Wheat wheat blast

Contour-based detection and quantification of tar spot stromata using RGB images of maize leaves


Andres P. Cruz, Brenden Lane, Carlos Gongora-Canul, Christian D. Cruz, Da-Young Lee, Darcy E. P. Telenko, Dong-Yeop Na, Edward J. Delp, Nathan M. Kleczewski, Sriram Baireddy


Quantifying tar spot of corn intensity has traditionally been conducted by human raters through visual-based estimations. However, this traditional method is costly in terms of time and labor and prone to rater subjectivity. Furthermore, an objective, accu...

Botany and Plant Pathology contour analysis image maize RGB imagery plant disease intensity RGB image dataset stromata detection and quantification

Uniform Soybean Tests Northern Region 2020


Adam Nicholas Brock, Guohong Cai


The Uniform Soybean Tests, Northern Region, have been in place since 1941. The tests evaluate yield, disease resistance, and quality traits of public breeding lines from northern states of the U.S. and Canadian provinces. The purpose of The Uniform Soybean...

Agriculture Agronomy Botany Botany and Plant Pathology Crop Science Plant Pathology Soybeans USDA-ARS

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