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Data from: Distantly related crops are not better rotation partners for tomato


Ian Kaplan, Kathryn Ingerslew


Although crop rotation has been used for centuries to enhance agricultural production, there are surprisingly little data justifying the use of one rotation over another. Growers typically avoid growing plants in succession that belong to the same genus or...

Crop Science Entomology Manduca sexta Plant soil feedback Solanum lycopersicum Tobacco hornworm Tomato

Functional diversity of predators and prey


Ashley Kissick, Esteban Fernandez-Juricic, Jeffrey D Holland, John Dunning, Jr.


Functional diversity of beetle predators and their beetle prey are affected differently by forest habitat fragmentation. This study introduces new functional traits, uses a published workflow to define functional groups of predators and prey, and examines...

Beetles Ecological Applications Entomology Functional Diversity Functional Traits Habitat Loss Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment Predator-Prey Interaction RStudio

Dataset describing monarch larval and adult choice for milkweed host-plants varying in pesticides


Ian Kaplan, Michael E Scharf, Paola Olaya-Arenas


1. Hundreds of recent studies have voiced concern over the negative impacts of non-target pesticides on pollinator health. However, pesticide loads are highly variable across agricultural landscapes and it is unclear whether pollinators exhibit behavioral...

agroecosystems behavioral response butterfly Entomology milkweed monarchs pesticides pollinators

Datasets describing monarch immature and adult performance when reared on milkweed host-plants varying in pesticides


Ian Kaplan, Kayleigh Hauri, Michael E. Scharf, Paola Olaya-Arenas


The long-term decline of monarch butterflies has been attributed to loss of their milkweed (Asclepias sp.) host-plants after the introduction of herbicide-tolerant crops. However, recent studies report pesticide residues on milkweed leaves that could act a...

Agriculture Entomology milkweed monarchs pesticides

Ingwell et al data for high tunnel bee study 2018


Ian Kaplan


Insecticide use and insufficient forage are two of the leading stressors to pollinators in agroecosystems. While these factors have been well-studied individually, the experimental designs do not reflect real-world conditions where insecticide exposure and...

Entomology pesticides pollinators

Implementing IPM: effects on pests, pollinators, and crop yield


Ian Kaplan, Jacob Pecenka


Environmental damage from insecticide overuse is a major concern, particularly for conservation of “good” insects such as pollinators that ensure stable production of food crops like fruits and vegetables. However, insecticides are also necessary for farme...

agroecosystems Bees Corn Crop yield Entomology Environmental Issues Insecticides Melons pesticides pollinators

SAWBO YouTube Analytics from 02-18-2011 to 10-09-2018


Barry Robert Pittendrigh, Weilin Sun


Given the popularity, reach, and variable accessibility of online platforms as channels for informal education by higher-education institutions (HEIs), it becomes practically and theoretically important to better understand the factors that affect the impa...

Education Entomology SAWBO viewers youtube

Regional variation in insecticide susceptibility in odorous house ants, Tapinoma sessile.


Grzegorz Buczkowski


A laboratory study was conducted to test the toxicity of three insecticides, Demand, Alpine, and Termidor, against workers and queens of odorous house ants, Tapinoma sessile using residual exposure assays. Mortality was examined in workers collected in nat...

Entomology insecticide screening Insecticides resistance tests

Large-scale rollout of extension training in Bangladesh: Challenges and opportunities for gender-inclusive participation


Anne Lutomia, Barry Pittendrigh, John Medendorp, Julia Bello-Bravo, Md. Harun-ar-Rashid, Peter Reeves, Timothy Krupnik, Victor Giancarlo Sal y Rosas Celi


Despite the recognized importance of women’s participation in agricultural extension services, research continues to show inequalities in women’s participation. Emerging capacities for conducting large-scale extension training using information and communi...

Agricultural Education Bangladesh Entomology extension training participation

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