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Dataset of the peak height insertion gain (PHIG) method for quantifying acoustic feedback in hearing aids


Joshua M Alexander, Randall Wagner, Stephanie Schmig, Steve Armstrong


Hearing aids are commonly fit with ear canals partially or fully open – a condition that increases the risk of acoustic feedback.  Feedback limits the audiometric fitting range of devices by limiting usable gain.  To guide clinical decision-making and devi...

acoustic communication adverse hearing conditions hearing aids hearing science Matlab sound Speech Language and Hearing Sciences

s-sh Confusion Test Audio Files


Joshua M Alexander


Sixty-six minimal pair /s/ and /ʃ/ words were selected, including proper nouns (e.g. Sam to contrast with sham). Forty-five of these pairs had /s/-/ʃ/ in the initial position, eighteen in the final position, and three in the medial position. Six female tal...

acoustic communication hearing aids sound Speech Language and Hearing Sciences speech perception

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