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Estimated soil physical properties for hydrologic modeling in Arequipa, Peru


Fariborz Daneshvar, Jane R Frankenberger, Keith A Cherkauer, Laura C Bowling, Martín Juan C. Villalta Soto


This dataset contains estimated physical properties required for the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) hydrologic modeling in the Arequipa department of Peru. Regional maps of soil taxonomy and suitability were used to develop unique soil map units, an...

Agricultural and Biological Engineering ArcGIS Arequipa Arequipa Nexus Institute Digital Soil Mapping Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Hydrologic Modeling Hydrology Peru soil SWAT model UNSA Watershed

2020 Purdue FNR Ecological Sensors Class Air Quality Data


Amanda N. Heltzel, Aziz Ebrahimi, Benjamin Rivera, Brandon M. Sosa, Calen Cunningham, David Savage, Grace Walker, Jacob Daniel Hosen, Joseph Hale, Kimberly Gulbranson, Molly Barrett, Seth Williams, Sylvia Park, Taylor Hayes


These data are the results of a class project studying air quality. Students in the Purdue Forestry class Ecological Sensors & Data (FNR49800-042). met in Spring 2020. During the spring semester, the COVID-19 lockdown forced students to return home. Studen...

air pressure Forestry and Natural Resources indoor air quality outdoor air quality particulate air quality Teaching and learning Temperature VOCs

Population-specific brain atlases for early-to-middle adolescent collision-sport athletes


Apekshya Chhetri, Ho-Ching Yang, Joseph V Rispoli, Pratik Kashyap, Thomas M Talavage, Wenbin Zhu, Yukai Zou


This repository present population-specific brain atlases for early-to-middle adolescent (ages 13-19) collision-sport athletes, based on the MRI scans from the longitudinal database of Purdue Neurotrauma Group. The brain atlases were developed in an effort...

Adolescents Atlasing Biomedical Engineering Brain Informatics Morphometrics MRI Neuroscience NIfTI Spatial Normalization Statistical Methods Trauma Workflow

A Rainfall-based, Sequential Depression-filling Algorithm and Applications on a Watershed in Northeastern Indiana, USA


Dennis Buckmaster, Samuel Adam Noel


The landscapes across much of the Midwestern United States are characterized by glacial activity that left water-holding kettles, depressions, and potholes. Until recently, traditional watershed algorithms assumed these depressions to be errors in the elev...

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Elevation Matlab Watershed

Tile discharge, dissolved reactive phosphorus concentrations and loads for the WQFS (Water year 2011 – 2013).


Jeffrey J. Volenec, Margaret Gitau, Nicole S. De Armond, Pauline Welikhe, Ronald F. Turco, Sylvie M. Brouder


The Water Quality Field Station (WQFS), Purdue University, features 48 plots (10.8 m wide × 48 m long) organized in a randomized complete-block design with 12 treatments and 4 replicates. The treatments consist of one native prairie mixture and eleven trea...

Agronomy Dissolved reactive phosphorus P sink soils P source soils Phosphorus loss Tile discharge Water Quality water quality data Water Quality Field Station

Dry Matter Intake and Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Response in a GTT in Phase Shifted Dairy Cows


Aridany Suarez Trujillo, Conor John Mccabe, Jacquelyn P Boerman, Theresa M. Casey


Supplemental figures from paper published in Journal of Dairy Science  Circadian and metabolic systems are interlocked and reciprocally regulated. To determine if the circadian system regulates glucose homeostasis and mammary development, the function o...

Animal Sciences Circadian Rhythm Glucose Tolerance Test Periparturient Dairy Cows

NEUTRAL: Neutralizing nearby singularities in numerical quadrature


Walter Gautschi


A method of “neutralization” is presented that significantly weakens, if not eliminates, a singularity close to, but outside, the interval of integration.

Computer Science Gaussian quadrature Mathematics Matlab nearby singularities Numerical quadrature Orthogonal polynomials Software source code Walter Gautschi Archives

OPQ: A Matlab suite of programs for generating orthogonal polynomials and related quadrature rules


Walter Gautschi


    A suite of Matlab programs has been developed as part of the book "Orthogonal Polynomials: Computation and Approximation", Clarendon Press, Oxford, 2014. The package contains routines for generating orthogonal polynomials as well as routines dealing wi...

Computer Science Gauss-type quadrature rules Mathematics Matlab Modification algorithms for orthogonal polynomials Orthogonal polynomials Software source code Variable-precision arithmetic Walter Gautschi Archives

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